How Our Tartar Removal Works

Our dog and pet tartar removal changes the Ph levels in your pet’s saliva from acidic to alkaline. This reduction of acid cuts down on tartar production and build-up. Tartar can’t grow in an alkaline environment, and so just falls off the teeth when your pet chews on dry food or dog biscuits.

Controlling your pet’s tartar is extremely important. Bad breath may be annoying, but its cause, periodontal disease, can lead to very serious health problems like heart disease and kidney failure.

Dog Tartar Removal
Inflamed gumline will be red, swollen and tender. Plaque is not always visible in the early stages
Pet Tartar
Extensive plaque formation with tartar build up is noticeable near the gumline. You may notice tenderness and occasional drooling and mouth odor.
Pet Tartar Example
Thick tartar forms along the inflamed, partially recessed gums. The disease is already under the gumline. You will notice bad breath and your pets mouth will be sore.
Dog Tartar
Tartar is now severe at this stage and the receding, inflamed gum line is very sore. Infection, bleeding tooth and bone loss may now be present.

Suzie’s Tartar Liquid is the Original pet tartar remover. Our company was formed in 1998, but the product has been around for over 24 years now. It has been tested and used extensively in both private homes and kennels before being offered to the general public and has a long track record.

We developed this product when we realized that we were taking Suzie to the veterinarian every 6 months to get her teeth cleaned, but her back molars where showing plaque buildup as soon as two weeks after the cleaning, and that was with daily brushing. Our veterinarian told us that Suzie’s saliva glands were producing excess saliva, which caused her teeth to build plaque faster. Tartar removing treats (like Milkbone) helped some with the tartar, but led to a weight problem. Finally, we turned to a friend in the chemistry field to help us develop a safe and natural dog tartar removal formula that would prevent tartar buildup.

Example of Dog Tartar

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Pet Tartar Removal